Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

From Adobe Ilustrator to After Effects

In my Digital Foundations class we recently started working with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects. Adobe Illustrator lets you create forms instead of only manipulating them like in Photoshop. You can professionally illustrate and color your ideas. Like Photoshop, Illustrator consists of layers and it is convenient to know how you want your illustrations to move and interact before you import the document into After Effects. After Effects lets you animate your illustrations. you can set up the time frame and add Effects to your piece. At this point I am learning about the settings in After Affects. It seems like the amount of affects and settings in these programs are endless. This allows creative thought and development in technology.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From Final Cut Express to iDVD

iDVD is a great way to make your movie from Final Cut Express look professional. iDVD comes with various layouts and settings which enable you to transfer clips or even stills into the menu. You can also add audio to the menu from itunes. Your movie becomes a DVD and it can be played in a regular DVD player or computer. So if you have a Mac or have access to one open up iDVD and navigate through the program and play around with the settings. I love this program now, it is easy to use and it gives you professional results. It enables the user to be creative, which is an important aspect in technology.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Parallels for Mac

Do you like the features and design of a MAC computer but wish you could have the software of a PC? The parallels desktop for MAC computers allows you to have both MAC and PC windows at the same time. Potential computer buyers who are torn between MAC and PC can benefit from this innovation. this product enables the user to join these two technologies and use them to his or her advantage. Having both software in one computer will give the user access to more resources for educational purposes or work.

Here is a list of the features and functions that the Parallels desktop offers:

* Run your favorite Mac and Windows applications at the same time without rebooting
* Seamlessly connect to any network in both Mac OS and Windows using a shared network connection
* Achieve a high level of performance for Windows on your Mac by leveraging Intel technology - an industry leading solution available on Parallels Software
* Copy and paste items between your Mac desktop and your Windows desktop
* Quickly create multiple virtual machines by using the new Parallels Installation Assistant
* Create “Active” backups by using Parallels Desktop for Mac in conjunction with Parallels Compressor
* Achieve optimal virtual machine performance and reduce disk space by 50% or more with the new Parallels Compressor

Saturday, February 24, 2007

i Life

Are you a creator? A Mac computer along with i Life are a great source. i life comes with i Photo, i Movie HD, i DVD, Garage Band, and i Web. I love to take digital photographs, i Photo is a great way to arrange and organize all of my digital pictures. as soon as you connect the USB cable, i Photo will open automatically and ask if you want to import the photos. It is both fast and easy to import and edit, and you can fit up to 250,000 photos in i Photo. Want to create your own film? i Movie can be used to edit, add cinematic titles and effects to your footage. i DVD is used to organize and transfer either your film or photo projects into a CD. Are you loving this yet? Well...are you a musician or a Musician want to be? With GarageBand, you can add as many different instruments, and create your own music. Last but not least, i Web is great for creating Websites and adding your projects made from i Movie, i Photo, or GarageBand. Seriously, who would'nt want a Mac? This allows us to not just be viewers, but become creators. This is about expression and creativity. Why not become active and participate in creating your own art with this technology?

i Life

Friday, February 16, 2007

Final Cut Express HD

For my second project in my Digital Foundations class we are using final Cut Express HD. This program allows you to make your own movies!! You can transfer your footage from your video camera and start editing and adding special affects. This program is comprehensive to beginners and convient to the advanced. Its quality is high definition and the results look professional. You can make smooth transitions and layer footage. You can also add audio and text to your film. If you ever have an opportunity to learn to use this program I suggest you take advantage. My new obsession is Final Cut Express...for now at least.

Friday, February 9, 2007


Work by Nancy Guevara

I am recently taking a digital foundations class and for our first project we had to work with photoshop. During these two past weeks of using photoshop, I really got into the program and I enjoyed working with it. You can manipulate, arrange,edit,and retouch photographs. With so many tools and options, the effects that you can create are endless. Photoshop has become a new art form, the more you practice and learn about the program, the more you will improve your craftsmanship. My friends often tell me that they randomly get ideas but they have no way to execute them because they do not know how to draw. With this program you can take your own photos and scan pictures to follow through with your vision. You can make your own artwork with photoshop.