Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Are you a Mac lover like I am? Well in case your not, this new Mac Product is compatible to PC's also. The Mac TV connects your iTunes from your laptop to your television, wireless. You can download movies online from iTunes for a certain price and save them in your laptop. You can soon have a selection of movies, up to fifty hours, on your laptop and watch them instantly. I know that it is not convenient watching movies on your laptop, but hat is where the Mac TV comes in. The MAC TV allows you to view your iTunes in a larger screen, for a more comfortable and convenient watch. You can also view movie trailers, podcasts, listen to your music, and view your photos through iTunes with high definition. Thruough the wireless connection, you can join up to five laptops to the Apple TV. This allows more people to share their iTunes on one television. The Apple TV can also store up to fifty hours of video for a quick and easy selection process. The Mac TV is $ 299, and the purchase comes with the 7.7" by 1.1" inch Apple TV, the Apple remote, a power cord, and a quick start guide. If your thinking of purchasing this product, you would want to make sure it is compatible with your television. Other than that, the MAC TV is easy and fast to install. You will no longer have to resort to viewing your mementos from a small screen or making your friends huddle up to watch a movie. MAC is genius!!


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