Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Parallels for Mac

Do you like the features and design of a MAC computer but wish you could have the software of a PC? The parallels desktop for MAC computers allows you to have both MAC and PC windows at the same time. Potential computer buyers who are torn between MAC and PC can benefit from this innovation. this product enables the user to join these two technologies and use them to his or her advantage. Having both software in one computer will give the user access to more resources for educational purposes or work.

Here is a list of the features and functions that the Parallels desktop offers:

* Run your favorite Mac and Windows applications at the same time without rebooting
* Seamlessly connect to any network in both Mac OS and Windows using a shared network connection
* Achieve a high level of performance for Windows on your Mac by leveraging Intel technology - an industry leading solution available on Parallels Software
* Copy and paste items between your Mac desktop and your Windows desktop
* Quickly create multiple virtual machines by using the new Parallels Installation Assistant
* Create “Active” backups by using Parallels Desktop for Mac in conjunction with Parallels Compressor
* Achieve optimal virtual machine performance and reduce disk space by 50% or more with the new Parallels Compressor

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